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Industry Reform

Industry reform

Peter has a background, passion and track record in delivering industry reform and improvement. In New Zealand, he has worked closely with the Productivity Partnership, Department for Building & Housing and BRANZ in the development and programme delivery of the national industry productivity reform initiative. Until March 2010 he was a senior manager at Constructing Excellence in the UK where Peter managed and delivered the UK construction industry reform initiative over the period of a decade before moving to NZ.

Procurement reform and standards development

acting as a subject matter expert to a number of central Government departments on themes such as procurement by value, whole of life costing, productivity improvement and asset management. Work has included policy evaluation and new policy and standards development with associated guidance and training.

Procurement strategies

helping organisations develop strategies that recognise enhanced value creation and the cost savings and value to be gained from taking a more holistic approach to procurement and collaborative supply chain management.

Client mentoring

mentoring and guiding public and private sector clients through the procurement process for collaborative working and early contractor involvement arrangements and then engaging their supply chain partners post-appointment in delivering enhanced value and continuous improvement to their clients.

Procurement plans

clients often need support to develop a plan for a specific project or term contract.  This plan sets the approach in terms of delivery model, tender method, evaluation, form of contract, risk and reward management, performance management, negotiation and ongoing relationship management.

Programme procurement and delivery

this approach looks to manage supply side resources at the broader programme level rather than on a project by project basis.  This often results in a range of services being delivered through a framework arrangement for consultants and contractors. It includes early involvement of suppliers in programme planning to increase opportunities for enhanced programme delivery and includes benchmarking performance to drive continuous improvement in delivery.