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Futurum Associates

Futurum Associates is an independent consultancy specialising in construction industry reform and improvement  as well as in the management of business integrations, separations, operational improvement and change programs – both in the public and private sector and for small, medium and large enterprises.

Construction industry reform and improvement

We are experienced in providing a broad range of services including:

We recognise the challenges that are experienced in today’s construction environment – traditional ways of working and clients procuring on lowest price; all these may contribute to underperforming projects, construction programmes and the sector. We work with Government departments and agencies to develop and implement industry reform programmes to address performance improvement across the sector.

We know that this change is not possible without sector input. We assist clients and supply chain organizations in developing a new way of working. We support clients to maximise the value from their construction procurement by enabling them to develop and maintain supplier relationships through the use collaborative supply chain strategies and continuous improvement principles with their preferred suppliers. This process builds value through increased end user benefits and reduced lifecycle and process costs.

We have also successfully worked with the International Standards Organisation (ISO), the British Standards Institute and with Government in the development of construction procurement standards and associated guidance. We have significant experience in developing and delivering international construction industry reform programmes.

Business consulting – Integrations, Separations,Operational Improvement and Change

We specialise in advising small, medium and large businesses on executing transactions and related operational improvement and change initiatives, helping to maximise value and minimise risk from these projects. Our services include:

The majority of transactions fail to deliver their anticipated value, and the same is often true for operational improvement and organisational change projects. Typically, there are three key drivers for this:

A well assessed, planned and executed transaction or operational improvement/change program aims to address all of the above challenges with a view to maximising and securing the value potential of the deal or project. We have significant experience and worked with a large number of businesses internationally and in New Zealand to help them navigate the assessment, planning and execution challenges of transactions and operational initiatives. We assist clients in identifying the potential execution risks and help to set up and implement ‘fit for purpose’ project management structures that help achieve the anticipated value.

We tailor our advice to the situation and size of our clients’ organisation. We can provide ‘light touch’ coaching and advice on our clients’ analysis, strategy, set up and planning for integration, separation and operational improvement programs, through to hands-on development and execution support for detailed delivery plans. We can also provide periodical independent progress reviews at key points of the program (eg at Day 1, Day 30, 60, 90 and beyond).